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E.C.D Can Change Everything 

We believe that five essential skills are necessary for the effective development of every individual: self-esteem, perspective, empathy, critical thinking and creativity. Without these skills in place, people are not equipped to overcome challenges or stand up for what is ethical. Through our four core programmes outlined below, we aim to fill that void and inspire good neighbours, good citizens, and the next generation of resilient, confident young adults who contribute to a better world.

Early Childhood Development
Ensures school readiness for 3-5 year old's by developing their cognitive, motor, and creative skills.
We provide free HIV/AIDS counseling and testing of vulnerable women and orphans.

We help in the rehabilitation of street children.

After-school Programming

Designed for children in Grades R-10 to develop educational and life skills through creative, experiential learning.

Organic Farming

Provides infrastructure support and ongoing mentoring for farmers to gain practical skills in organic farming methods.

Creative Learning Development Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

STEM, or Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics is not merely a list of important subjects, but rather a cross-disciplinary pedagogical integrative philosophy. The STEM has gain traction in all of the top performing Western educational systems, such as Finland, Norway, United States of America, Netherlands. South Africa has wholehearted embraced and incorporated the philosophy as they attempt to prepare students for an uncertain and shifting work landscape.

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