Nzabela MOBILE COMPUTER LAB a Non - Profit organisation (NPO )has identified the challenges faced by the rural population of South Africa and have proposed a very cost effective initiative to address these challenges. We have proposed the roll-out of mobile classrooms where learners can get quality computer training from experienced facilitators at no cost to them. The classrooms will feature 12mtr long fully customised containers on wheels, to accommodate 24 learners at a time.

By 2035, Africa will have the largest workforce in the world. Investing in young people’s health and education is the best way to make the most of this opportunity.”

But there is a long way to go yet. According to a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), sub-Saharan Africa captured only 55% of its human capital potential in 2017, compared with the global     average of 65%. Youth unemployment is an ongoing challenge, but at the same time, employers across the continent identify inadequately skilled workforces as a major constraint to their businesses amid a wave of digital transformation.

Overall, the report finds South Africa to be in a critical transitional period - during which it must not only ensure there is a pipeline of skilled workers entering the workforce, but also establish itself as a home to leading tech talent.



Make a difference in the lives of the poor leaving in rural communities. Lend your helping hand to make this dream a reality. NZABELA MOBI LAB looks forward to welcoming you to our family.